When Dream4TK first started, it was just an idea. But with the help of our community and sponsors we raised more than $30,000 for Embrace Kids, AND made it to Orlando, FL.
    Even though the bike ride is over, we still have a lot of work ahead of us. Stay tuned for details about our next chapter...


    A small group of college students formed with the simple idea of making dreams come true. Dream4TK set out to raise money and awareness for Embrace Kids Foundation, which supports the non-medical needs of kids with cancer and blood disorders. To do this, a group of cyclists biked from New Brunswick, New Jersey to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
    Our project certainly challenged the idea of the “impossible,” by setting out to start not just a fundraiser — but a movement.


    A $1,000,000 fundraising goal for families of children with cancer and a 1,615-mile bike ride from New Jersey to Florida sounds crazy — we know.


    But all dreams start out sounding crazy — and every great success starts with a dream.


    Our mission spreads not just the importance of realizing one’s own dreams, but the values of helping others realize theirs. Dream4TK, a completely student-run grassroots group, is still pursuing this mission. You can help us out through sponsorships, donations and time. Find out how you can help or how you can get involved in the next chapter of Dream4TK by emailing Dream4TK@gmail.com.


    Embrace Kids Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization that provides for the non-medical needs of kid with cancer and blood disorders, and their families.

    "Hundreds of families in New Jersey and thousands nationwide are confronted each year with the terrible news that their child has cancer, sickle cell disease or some other blood disorder. Embrace Kids Foundation offers unique programs and services that deliver a comprehensive and compassionate method of delivering care to families when they need it most." -EmbraceKids.org

    For families and children in need, Embrace Kids Foundation provides:


    • Support networks for parents and siblings
    • Social services and counceling
    • Translation services for non-English speaking families
    • Financial assistance to help financially burdened families
    • Tutoring for patients to keep them up speed in school
    • College scholarships for current and previous patients
    • Inspirational events such as Thanksgiving and Winter Holiday parties
    • Bereavement services for grieving families
    • Palliative care services, a multi-disciplinary approach to pain management

    Sameen Jalal

    Sameen graduated from Rutgers with a degree in computer science. He's always thinking up ground breaking and innovative projects to code into reality. Sameen loves to explore the world (he's been all over the U.S., Mexico, Japan and Europe!) and looks forward to all of the interesting places he will get to see while on this jouney. After the ride, Sameen moved to California work at Facebook. Keep tabs on Sameen @samjalal.

    Richard Trent

    Richard (or Ricky) is a Rutgers senior studying Cell Biology and Neuroscience. He has many different interests and hopes to one day be able to combine his love for science and politics into a career. Outside of classes, he participates in Rutgers Go Outdoors, an outdoor recreation program, and IDIA, a student organization dedicated to civics education for high school students. Richard is a longtime cyclist, but never imagined he would take a ride this long. 

    Gabrielle Rossi

    Gabrielle is a lifelong rider and senior at Rutgers where she is majoring in women’s & gender studies and American studies. She has been the Festival Manager of the New Jersey Folk Festival for the last two years — an entirely student run event that celebrates the unique cultures of the State through music, dance, and folklore. She is very involved in Douglass Residential College as a Red Pine Ambassador and orientation leader in both the summer and fall. Every year she dances for Sofia as part of the DRCisFTK Dance Marathon team.

    Phil Lubik

    Phil is a senior at Rutgers studying mechanical engineering and is a published author in Condensed Matter Physics. Outside of the classroom he is President of Chi Psi Fraternity at Rutgers as well as the founder of Carpe DM, a group created to get non-greek life students interested in the University's largest charity event — Dance Marathon, which also benefits Embrace Kids. Wish him luck and keep track of all he's doing at @Phil_Lubik.

    Brendan McCartney

    Brendan is a senior at Rutgers University studying economics and comparative literature. He's been very involved with Embrace Kids Foundation and this past year, he was Director of Operations for Dance Marathon. This summer, he's been working at the Embrace Kids headquarters in New Brunswick. Brendan loves to play basketball and finds creative ways to include some time on the court in his rigorous training schedule. Follow him @BMMcCartney

    Ramon Dompor

    SWAGon Driver
    Ramon Dompor is a freelance photographer based in the New Jersey tri-state area. When he's not shooting the Dream Riders, you can find him precariously perched on cliffs or trees photographing nature, mountain bikers and other outdoor athletes. View his work.

    Jovelle Abbey Tamayo

    SWAGon Driver
    Jovelle Abbey is a New Jersey-based freelance photographer who loves finding the stories behind just about everything. She excited to be part of a story for once — a great one at that. She enjoys bike rides, city skylines, books and gettin' kind of nerdy. View her work and follow her @jovellephoto

    Natalie Twerdowsky

    SWAGon Driver
    Natalie is a Rutgers graduate with an affinity for board games and mountains. She loves running, befriending bugs, eating everything, traveling everywhere, reading about brains, and loving dogs. She is simultaneously pursuing a career in criminal rehabilitation while on an endless pursuit to find the perfect creme brûlée.

    We stayed at many beautiful places with such AMAZING people!
    Here are some of the highlights.

    New Brunswick, NJ

    Our home base, launch point and the location of Embrace Kids Foundation.
    Day 1 // July 28, 2013

    For months, Rutgers students and alumni, and members of the local community worked on the planning stages of Dream4TK. On July 28, our friends, family and other supporters joined us for our Dream4TK 25-mile Bike Tour and Launch Party. We thank everyone for the continuous support from home!

    Philadelphia, PA

    The City of Brotherly Love...and a lot of stoplights.
    Day 2 // July 29, 2013

    Our first real taste of riding came with our trek to Philly — just a day after we were caught in heavy downpour and forced to stay in NJ. The ride was a bit longer than we thought because of the heat and traffic, but we still made it in great time!


    Bikes are not allowed on the Lincoln Memorial...
    Day 4 // July 31 

    We had a great visit to our nation's capital and an incredible stay (and rest day!) at the GMU Chi Psi Lodge. The team caught up with friends in the area, explored the sights and cooked dinner for families at the local Ronald McDonald House.


    Joan, John and the James
    August 3

    We didn't really know the meaning of Southern Hospitality until we arrived in Richmond, to the welcoming arms of Joan and John! We swam in the James River, enjoyed treats and barbeque, and went on a bike ride with new friends.


    Proof! Of awesomeness.
    August 15

    We had a long stay in the beautiful, historic city of Charleston. The College of Charleston treated us to lodging in its beautiful faculty home and a local business threw overwhelming support our way. A few of us even went on a 30-mile bike ride around the area with the local cycling club!


    Hey, we're in Florida!
    August 21

    Lizards, heat and humidty. And did we mention rain? At this point, we were so ecstatic just to be in Florida! Our dream was getting closer and closer...


    "Where Dreams Come True"
    August 24

    Friends. Family. Sun. Rain. Sun. Disney World. Dipped Cones.

    We'd like to thank everyone that has helped us along the way! If you are interested in donating or sponsoring our cause, please email us at Dream4TK@gmail.com


    The Dream Team couldn't have gotten so far in its project without the help of these incredible individuals, groups and businesses. We can't thank you enough!

    The Dream Team: We have a lot of dedicated members of the Rutgers and local community working to make the Dream happen. Visit our BLOG for more about them.
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    WHAT is Dream4TK? 
    Dream4TK is an intiative that aims to raise $1,000,000 for Embrace Kids Foundation through a month long bike ride from New Jersey to Disney World.

    WHEN is the Dream4TK ride? 
    The Dream4TK ride started on July 28, 2013 with a launch celebration at Buccleuch Park in New Brunswick, NJ and reached Disney World in Orlando, FL on August 24. The five cyclists and the three-person support team traveled down the East Coast while raising awareness for the struggles of families and children affected by cancer and participating in community service activities.


    WHO is going on the Dream4TK ride?
    Five students and alumni from Rutgers University planned to ride the 1,500 miles to Walt Disney World. A three-person support team followed the riders, ready to offer supplies, back-up equipment and general assistance. The three-person support team also doubled as a documentary and marketing team. 


    WHY a bike ride?
    We wanted to do something unexpected and extraordinary that would inspire those around us to believe in their dreams. We want to prove that even the most daunting challenges can be overcome and serve as an inspiration to our peers and the families of Embrace Kids. We hope that the public will gain an interest in our bike ride and as a result, more people will learn about Embrace Kids Foundation and the amazing programs it runs.  


    What does "4TK" mean?
    "4TK" is short for "4 the kids," which is one of our mission's slogans.


    What is the Embrace Kids Foundation?
    Embrace Kids Foundation (or, Embrace Kids for short) is Dream4TK's sole beneficiary. From the Embrace Kid's website: "Embrace Kids Foundation exists to help families whose children have cancer, sickle cell disease or other blood disorders. The foundation is committed to enhancing the quality of life of the children and to relieving families of emotional and financial pressures. Embrace Kids supports families throughout the greater New Jersey area. A partial list of the programs offered by the foundation includes the Embrace Kids Learning Center, Emergency Financial Assistance, Family Services, Inspirational Events, Social Services and Counseling, The Edith and Martin Stein Building of Hope and the David E. Zullo PACCT Program." Click here to view Embrace Kids Foundation's website for more information.  


    Why are you chosing to support Embrace Kids over other charities?
    Embrace Kids Foundation has a special place in the Rutgers community. It is very much a part of the community service culture at Rutgers and many organizations raise funds and donate their time to support the efforts of Embrace Kids. Every year, thousands of students become involved with Dance Marathon, a 32-hour event that raises funds for Embrace Kids Foundation. Dance Marathon is a life changing experience that many Rutgers students, including several members of the Dream Team, work hard year-round to put together. This single event is a massive fundraising effort that does a lot to support the programs of Embrace Kids, but once the event is over every year, Embrace Kids Foundation isn't given as much attention. We wanted to change that. Rather than focus on this wonderful organization once a year, we want the spotlight to be on Embrace Kids year round.


    Now that the ride is over, why should I sponsor Dream4TK?
    While the bicycle ride has been completed, our mission is far from over. Dream4TK plans to continually put out blog posts, photos, and videos about the trip in order to promote its goal of raising $1,000,000 for Embrace Kids Foundation. We are also planning to unveil our largest project, a documentary about the bike ride and Embrace Kids, early next year. Companies and individuals could potentially sponsor any of our smaller posts or the documentary.
    How do I make a donation?
    You can donate online or by mail, but donating online is the quickest and easiest way to donate to Embrace Kids Foundation. If you would like to donate to Embrace Kids on behalf of Dream4TK online, please click here.

    Checks should be made payable to "Embrace Kids Foundation" and sent to the Embrace Kids Foundation office at: 


    Attn: Dream4TK
    Embrace Kids Foundation
    The Edith and Martin Stein Building of Hope 
    New Brunswick, NJ 08901 


    You can also send in a mail-in donation by downloading THIS FORM.


    How can I or my company become a sponsor?
    By becoming a Dream4TK sponsor, you are helping to make a difference in the lives of kids and families suffering from cancer or a blood disorder. Dream4TK has a number of sponsorship benefit packages available so that you or your company's name will receive exposure in the local community and down the East Coast. Click HERE to view the Dream4TK sponsorship packet. 


    Where can I find the Embrace Kids Foundation W-9 Form?


    Thank you so much for supporting Dream4TK and Embrace Kids Foundation. 


    Our mission spread not only the importance of realizing one's own dream, but the value of helping others realize their own. It's a mission that will prevail until we raise $1,000,000 for Embrace Kids Foundation. And hopefully, it's a mission that will continue to live on past that.

    In less than a year, we made what seemed like a crazy, impossible idea into a reality. We hope this inspired families in need, and other groups or individuals who want to change the world for the better.


    If you want to join the Dream4TK team, we want to hear from you!


    Tell us what YOU would do to continue our mission.


    Hike the Appalachian Trail. Run from coast to coast. The possibilities are endless. No feat is too big or too small. Make the impossible possible and make a difference in the lives of others. Check out our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr for more information about our project!


    Hit up the Dream Team. We love to talk! We're on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, Pinterest, Foursquare and Vine!


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    mail to: dream4TK@gmail.com

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